Memory Palace Comic! "A Gas Gas Gas"


This is excellent stuff, but I really want this in a format where the images are paired with Nate’s voice.

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This sounds like sleep paralysis, I experienced one once and don’t want to ever again.

“The fold! The fold!” --weeping RSS reader.

A fantastic story, I could hear Nate’s voice in my head as I read it. One note, Mattoon is misspelled a few times in the middle as Matton. Don’t want the eventual print version messed up! (I will totally buy one.)

I enjoyed this- but why is the psychologist’s theory about women missing their WWII husbands icky and sexist? Seems plausible to me, that a group of people used to having their significant other around and then having to deal with a prolonged absence might be a bit more edgy than usual when sleeping at night. It could be total BS too, but it’s as good a guess as many other guesses into a common thread that could factor into mass hysteria. I certainly wouldn’t call it sexist, just incorrect, at worst. Is such a thing beyond our imagination in our new politically-correct century?

Similar (but far worse) things have happened

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