Ghost sex




'You, sir, you're the only one with your hand up. You really had sex with a ghost?'

'...oh... I thought you said "goat"...'



I don't see the downside. STDs? Pregnancy? Ectoplasm?


So the suggestion to deal with sleep paralysis is to run? I think I may have discovered a flaw in this otherwise impeccable advice.

Presumably you can't get a ghost knocked up, and there has only ever been one recorded instant of a woman being successfully impregnated by a supernatural entity, and that was over two millennia ago. Maybe this is just the guy in me speaking, but completely consequence free sex sounds pretty good. I'm pretty sure ghost STDs can't be transmitted to people.


''Who you gonna to call, GHOSTBUSTERS!''


Sounds like the Will Self short story, Incubus.


You've slightly undercounted...

The Nephilim,

Of course the real difficulty is learning to speak Esperanto (if yer into to chatting yer lovers up).


“The experience described as ‘ghost sex’ may be related to a condition known as sleep paralysis, which renders a person awake and aware – but unable to move with a sensation of something heavy pressing down on them," (Hawaiian medium Patricia Mahi says).

Great. When I have sleep paralysis I have waking nightmares about serial killers giving me blood transfusions. Other people get to have sex with ghosts. Why are they the lucky ones?


Yeah, go ahead and laugh. It's fun and games until one of y'all catches ghost AIDS.


Oh dear, you just made me laugh about HIV/AIDS! Nice job Shame!


That seems like a lot of work just to pretend you don't have wet dreams.


Maybe we wouldn't feel a need to if they were all this entertaining.



Whenever I want ghost sex I just close my eyes and use my left hand...


When you have sex with a ghost, you're having sex with everyone that ghost ever had sex with.

And "ever" is a long time for a ghost.


I hope that doesn't mean you're first getting really drunk or really high and then passing out in such a way that you put your hand (or leg?) to sleep.


Just make sure it's not an alien who wants to bang generations of a family.


Mormon ghost?


Fuck you for making me remember that episode. It had been successfully purged from my mind before I read your comment.