Men applied glue to their hands to steal casino chips

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Why use glue? Seems like it wouldn’t take that much practice to learn to palm them.


Vaguely surprised that casios still use value imbued physical tokens (or uh… VIPTs). (“What the @#$ would gamblers nervously fiddle with, and toss about, if it were all reduced to a slid fingerprint on a screen!?” wait… people actually still move themselves -into- casios?)


So they were double dipping chips?


They’ve got to be some kind of stupid for stealing in a country known for corporal punishments such as caning for petty crimes. Was that $5 chip worth it?


good point. but even outside the law, you have to really be nuts to steal patrons’ chips in a casino. bad things could happen to you. THEN you get turned over to the cops.


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Sometimes the house will allow the suspect to leave normally, knowing that greed will bring them back for more. This is so they can document each occurrence, and once the tally has crossed from misdemeanor to felony, then bring them into the back room for further questioning.

In this particular instance a fellow player has tipped the hands of the house and forced them to act immediately and decisively.

Consider that a (US regulated) casino will likely have have 1 camera per square meter for table games (or equivalent) with “less” coverage for slots and machine games. In the event that something of interest does happen, other (PTZ) cameras can be used to augment the coverage of interesting events.

With the house using existing AI and machine vision to track “altered bets,” it doesn’t take long for this to go unnoticed.

Edit: Read the article, they stole $1,575 between the three of them before getting caught, and didn’t realize that the casinos will share this data between themselves.

I just want to see what happens when they (or the guy with the magnets in his fingers) either scratch their head or pass by a large metal plate. :man_shrugging:


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