Mesmerizing looping animations

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Mmmm… sensual.


Visual Haiku


They see me rollin’…


Does he say what software he uses to make these? Is it just Blender?

It seems like the sort of thing that would have been feasible on systems from 20 years ago, perhaps as a component of some artsy PC or Amiga demo – but that does not make them any less impressive.

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More wonderful things. Thanks.
(Shame about Instagram only ever generating white blank boxes on BB blog main page, but glad I was intrigued enough to click through.)

I am satisfy

Why does the “in” hole need more room than the “out” hole in the first animation?

ETA: My friend pointed out to me that while the pendulum changes directions, the rolling ring does not. Thus it needs more space to “enter” the ring going against the movement than it does moving with the ring to exit it. It is more like the hole on the exit is standing still for the ball than it is on the entry.

I am glad that there is a reason and not just something the animator did.

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