Rolling illusion toy: gorgeous erratic motion


But these are cooler:


great simple tutorial.

i’d add that if you sand down the rings halfway where they meet so that where they join is 1 ring thick instead of 2 rings thick, the illusion works about 1000x better.

Okay, who hit Sonic?

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Didn’t Zelda have one of these on her desk in Terrahawks?

Well, pretty much anything is cooler when you add some Terence Stamp to it.


someone should (yeah i know) make a version where the glued points are radially offset

Can you show an example? I would think that doing so would spoil the illusion completely, because it would no longer look like two separate rings perfectly balancing each other, but would just look like one single object.

I was just about to post these. Remembered it immediately.

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That would make a SuperJail.

(edit: Oh, late to the SuperParty)

As a kid I was amazed by those cool rings. Then one day as an adult I watched the movie and saw them for what they were and the world was a little less cool.

Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the illusion, so finding a video of the illusion properly executed is proving to be a difficult task. I’ll keep searching and post back if I find one. The actual optical illusion is quite mesmerizing, truly amazing, I could stare at it for hours.

They ARE two separate rings balancing on top of each other, albeit attached, that isn’t the illusion part, at least not the cool illusion achieve when this is properly executed. I guess I understand what you are describing, the seinfeld video shows that, you could think that the rings/tires are rotating at a different speed then they are spinning. That is not the actual cool optical illusion that the spinning stacked rings is famous for though, or the illusion i was referring to when i made my tip. The superman video kinda shows it because the rings are thin, but with only two rings the full optical illusion isn’t realized. when you stack sick or so think rings and the angles are precise on them, and you rotate them, you get to see the actual optical illusion trick which is quite neat.

Oh, “erratic.” Oops…

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It’s OK, he’s Canadian so Murrican isn’t his first language.

The world is exactly as cool as it was before you became an adult. The world has not changed and become suddenly uncool. That’s on us as adults, right? Keep looking up!

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