Mesmerizing sculpture emits smoke-filled bubbles


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I hope it’s being installed outdoors and constantly maintained. It would be expensive, but well worth it in other peoples’ money!


I’d like a smaller version for my living room.


for the tv;dw; crowd, does it say what kind of smoke? It this aspect…customizable?


We get it, you vape.


That is such a great idea I am nauseous with jealousy.


Edit that video down to 30 seconds and you’ve got yourself a nice perfume commercial.


“Jesus, God. We’re so hungry but the fruit just keeps exploding in our hands…”




The Tree of Rovers.


Fun party trick: once you get the knack of making air currents with your hands, you can spin-stabilise and direct bubbles pretty much anywhere you want them to go without having to touch them. And smoke-filling them just requires a drag & exhale at the appropriate moment.

I once spent a very fun New Years Day in the bush, surrounded by a few thousand hippies, delivering metre-wide bubbles full of cannabis smoke throughout the crowd on request.


Yes. So much better than a lava lamp.

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