Mesmerizing time-lapse of crowd control at Tokyo comic convention

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Oh, do they like comics in Japan?


So how many of you noticed the gorilla walk across the frame at the 1:30 mark?


What a horrifying sea of humanity. Well behaved, but completely horrible. Makes me itch just thinking about being in a crowd that size.


It’s like boarding a Southwest flight, but on a massive, massive scale.


Shinjuku station is a many-leveled warren with over 200 exits in which I have seen native Tokyoites get lost more than once, which is used by ~4 million people every day.

Sweet dreams.


Me, watching the GIF, I was thinking of ‘The Grid’ from Koyaanisqatsi.

/ Volume turned up to 11, natch.


Superorganisms. Cool!

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500,000 people, twice every year (summer and winter). The vending tables fill two areas each around the size of a football field. Most of what’s there is amateur work, though a number of pros sell things there either openly or slightly incognito. There’s a lot of derivative fan-work, but also a huge swath of entirely original work. Similarly, it’s famous for having a lot of adult stuff, but how much of that you’ll find depends on the day you go. There’s some official corporate presence, but not much. And it’s free to attend.

Also, it skews female, particularly with the people making and selling products. Though it’s been creeping towards parity.

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