Miami pedestrian bridge collapses, 'several dead,' multiple vehicles trapped beneath


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Now comes the finger-pointing: Engineers? Builders? Material Suppliers? City Planners?


It’s interesting to see the report that the constitution workers are already calling it an engineering failure. That may be true but someone should probably explain to the construction guys that they aren’t remotely qualified to make that judgement.


Is that Eighth Street?

Yup, right next to downtown.


Now comes digging out the survivors, if any.


At least the people who matter got their tax cuts.


What we need is less regulation, obviously.


I blame the Democrats.

Thanks Obama!


Yep. All those pesky efforts to improve safety and such. What were they thinking!



Awful. As if being a pedestrian in Florida wasn’t dangerous enough.


Moved into place just a few days before? I wonder if the move process itself caused unseen damage to the bridge and enough to have caused the collapse.


Well, you know, if there weren’t so many damn regulations corporations would have a lot more money to spend on safety precautions.

This is clearly a tragedy which a free market would have prevented.

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What’s obviously needed is a good guy with a bridge. Or a good guy with an engineering licence and proper engineering principles.


Too soon to tell, just one of a dozen or so possibilities off the top of my head.
This is every structural engineer’s worst nightmare.


no. first thoughts and prayers. Now is not the time to blame Engineers.


I get ya… but adding /s might be prudent. I’ve seen a few responses lately that practically had a ‘whoosh over the head’ sound effect attached.



Knowing Miami, this will certainly have been the best bridge that nepotism and graft can buy.


That thought crossed my mind also. There’s also the ‘low bid’ factor.


Both companies shut down their websites within half an hour of the collapse. Bet there is a lot of e-bleach being sprayed right now.


Looking at rendering of completed bridge, there is a pylon, suspension cables, and counterweight.

Looking at the actual (fallen) bridge, there’s no evidence of pylon or cables or counterweight.

Was the idea to add these features later?

Edit: Here’s a video of the bridge going up. Anyone here who is a real engineer (not just a building buff like me) may be able to see something amiss.