Microbe cross-stitches for germy decor and hobbyists


Very cool. Love them. Of course, I have a tie printed with a repeating photo-micrograph of the Hepatitis B virus, so I’m susceptible to this sort of thing. Great stuff, anyway.

One problem: not cross-stitch. Chain stitch, satin stitch, several others. But I didn’t see any cross stitches in the bunch. Not to be picky, but why not just use the correct term: embroidery?

Wow, gangrene really is green!

Thanks for noticing the microbes!

But just FYI, the problem brought up by smoobly isn’t a problem. There isn’t any chain stitch or satin stitch, it’s just regular cross stitch with back-stitch (and some fractional cross stitches, which are within the realm of modern cross stitch). The only thing in my shop so far that uses satin stitch is the little console TV with the heart. Otherwise, it’s all just those two basic stitches and fractional variations on them.

Technically, cross stitch is a type of embroidery, so I don’t mind if people refer to it as the more general “embroidery,” but it’s also correct to refer to it as cross stitch. I do.

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