Microsoft already developing next Xbox

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Both Microsoft and Sony have a hardware departments that designed the current generation of consoles. With those released they have 2 options, lay of 90% of the people, or have them work on revisions or new generations.

It’s likely that part of those departments are dedicated to looking at post launch issues with the current generation to find ways to improve reliability, cost, etc. But there is also likely a team dedicated to looking into what new technologies and improvements to current technologies to determine when it’s worth releasing a new generation.

I don’t think “working on the next generation” necessarily means “is planning to release the next generation soon”.


It’s been almost 2 1/2 years, so things being worked on are not a surprise. The Series X started development in 2016 and the PS 5 started in 2015, so you’re probably talking at least another 3 years.


Agreed. All of the reporting that I have seen on both Xbox and PlayStation, true next gen as opposed to Pros, is saying don’t expect anything before 2028. So of course they are working on stuff, but no, this generation is not even half over yet

Hell, I don’t expect there to be a new Switch for another two years, and that’s something that is actually needed


Hopefully Sony has some serious UX engineers on the next version, because they sure as heck needed them for the PS5. That was a HUGE step back from the PS4, experience wise.


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This is hardly surprising. It takes a good 5 years or so to develop a new console, from hardware selection to software stack. Bear in mind how long it was from XBox to X360 (2001-2005), X360 to XBox One (2005-2013), and from XBox One to XBox Series (2013-2020).

With MS’ recent partnerships with Qualcomm over ARM, they may be integrating an ARM CPU tighter into the XBox to (for example) run the dashboard, handle bus arbitration, possibly even take on storage controller work so DirectStorage becomes even more seamless, while the X86 processor does all the heavy lifting of actually running apps and games.

They also have to account for what will be cutting edge and widely available closer to release time, so they’ll be working with their hardware partners (AMD, in this case) to define attainable goals for CPU and GPU, to keep on top of latest developments (AI cores in your console? It’s more likely than you think!). Even if they’re not planning to release for at least another 2 years (likely given the 5-year release cycle) there’s still a lot of hardware work to do. This could also be another incremental upgrade (Like XBox One → XBox One X/XBox One S) rather than a full-on generational boost.
Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft also has important backwards compatibility considerations to make. Their last 3 generations have cemented their commitment to backwards compatibility as much as is possible, and they’re not likely to rugpull that anytime soon.

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i wouldn’t be surprised if the next one was already in development when the current one launched. i know game consoles don’t refresh as often as phones but i’ve read apple has several iphone versions being worked on at a time.

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Agreed. Everyone needs time to plan it out.

If MS needs any sort of semi custom CPU/GPU silicon for their next generation of console, assuming that they still going AMD X86 64-bit, they’d need to be talking to AMD years before they make any announcement of a new generation’s release. AMD would need time to plan/develop/ready for any unique CPU/GPU.

Developers would need to get an idea of the hardware to design new games for launch, very early gen dev kits, etc.

Last minute “change of plans” like MS surprising AMD staff at the Xbox reveal shouldn’t happen.

… that was beyond a mere “dick move”.

Let’s see, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series… I think we are due for an Xbox 2.


What’s more, rain is wet, the Pope is Catholic, and your wouldn’t believe what bears get up to in the woods.

Seriously? With hardware development you don’t release something, wait 5 years, THEN develop the next iteration. You continually develop & watch where the tech & market is & when it seems the time is right you decide what your goal is for power at what price point & work with your partners to hit that goal. The last 2 generations were flukes, like win XP. Before the 360 a ~5 year refresh cycle was the norm. Or, if you were Sega, launch a new console about every 2 years.

How about The Xbox?

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Xbox 4ever? :slight_smile:

Xbox Too?

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Given how they like their confusing names, I’m going with XBoxX and XBoxS

Microsoft’s naming really is a train wreck. The initial product name “X Box” was actually good- catchy, spoke to youth, and tied into the DirectX SDKs driving it. The first sequel was also good. They couldn’t call it the “Xbox 2” because PlayStation was already at 3 so it would have sounded inferior. “360” invoked 3D-ness and felt on par with the ”PS3”. After that? They went completely off the rails. I was in the industry for over two decades and I genuinely do not understand their product line any more. I don’t even know what I should buy if I wanted a new one. Or hell, what I would even Google to find out what to buy.

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Microsoft has a long and storied history of terrible product names.

It’s hard to believe this video came out nearly 20 years ago, but it’s still relevant today:


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