PS5 slim edition coming

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A whole fifty bucks less than the launch price for the base PS5! Sign me up!

yeah, no thanks, I bought a Steam Deck when they were on sale this summer and I think that’s my video game needs taken care of for the next few years.

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I’m glad that my evolving need to pay $30 for a teeny plastic stand is truly understood.

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apparently the lower price is only for a limited time. it’ll be replacing the old one completely, and the price will go up after that.

another confusing thing: i think both consoles in the pic are the new one. the left one has the external drive snapped on

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The current soon to be obsolete all purpose stand isn’t the best at keeping the unit horizontal as it can slip out. Especially if you have to move it to get to the back frequently.
But I still trust it more than the glorified paperclip that will apparently be the new horizontal stand


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I ended up buying some feet that clip on each side. So much better than the included stand.

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Still ugly as fuck. The Xbox Series S/X may not have inspired design, but I like how they blend in with everything else and have design innovations like flat surfaces. I also don’t have much vertical space and with the PS5 horizontal mounting is basically an afterthought. This is a case where the Xbox’s blandness in design is an asset as far as I’m concerned. I want something to play video games. I don’t need a statement piece.

And you can actually set things on top of a Series box. Useful for external USB sticks and such.

ETA: And the forms inspire names. Our PS5 is “Ratchet” and the Series X is “Monolith”

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