Microsoft asks Congress to regulate facial recognition technology

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I totally agree that storage of biometric data should be regulated, but I think it’s likely that Microsoft’s motives are more about hindering competitors since they’re behind in this field than out of altruism.


Dear Microsoft,

I see you are asking Congress to regulate facial recognition technology. Can you please ask them to add some regulations for a few other things? Some suggestions:

The Financial industry
The Oil & Gas industry
The Firearm industry
The Police



Yeah, this smacks a wee bit too much of the fox asking for chicken coop regulations, which makes me suspicious even before I factor in the fact that it’s fucking Microsoft, inventor of “embrace, extend, extinguish.”

It pains me to say this, but they do have a point.

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It’s a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Be very suspicious of what they want and keep your distance, but don’t reject the idea.


In a nutshell.

It shouldn’t just be facial recognition. Any kind of intelligence agency grade surveillance and data collection.

Repo company wants to preemptively scan every plate in Ohio, so that if the owner ever has a car loan and defaults, they’ll know where to go to repo the car because they’ll know where everyone parks their car. That’ll rapidly expand to national databases.


That’s an image: I just used the male face version for a huge chip/telecom company. He looked grim and evil so I had to retouch his eyes and lips to be less glowering (tough with all those lines on the face.

And yeah, biometric data should be regulated. All this libertarian “I’m gonna be the last guy w guns n ammo! I’ll be king!” BS just leaves the fox guarding the hen house (with feathers in his teeth)

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I have one of those faces where everyone thinks I’m someone else - if humans can’t tell that I’m not Susan, how can a computer? This worries me.


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