Microsoft confirms 'Bing is currently inaccessible in China'

What will the poor Chinese use now when they want to google things?


Oh, yeah. Ive seen that a lot on myspace pages

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I was doing a search the other day. Couldn’t find a damn thing. It was highly specific, but I was still surprised I wasn’t getting any relevant results. Then I realized I was using Bing. I swear I heard the “sad trombone” sound when I discovered that.


not mine:


I guess the love-lorn don’t tip as well as would be hoped for on those Caribbean cruises.

This would be one of the very few perks to living in China.

There are too many Italian bada-bing puns and not enough bing crosby ones:


China Unicom

I really did read that as “China Unicorn” for a nanosecond there, before sanity kicked back in.

I guess they’d need a Bing chaser, then.

(I’ll get my coat.)

And while I’m here:

Did Yuan Yang really tweet that "This kind of DNS corruption is usually the very literal way in which the Chinese govt tells foreign tech companies to 'go home'" ?



I know that this thread is nearly entirely jokes about Bing, but this does actually concern me somewhat.

  1. China going after US tech companies makes me wonder if this is in any way connected to the ongoing issues with Huawei, which Canada is caught in the middle of.
  2. It makes me think about what other tech companies are willing to do that MicroSoft is not that got MS banned but not others.

Don’t worry, Baidu is still fully available. Chinese government has your back.

These outages are about pushing the government owned companies over foreign competitors.

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I’ve never liked Bing for general searches, but I’ve usually found it more useful for video searches than either Google or Duck Duck Go.

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Probably this.

Probably just being big enough to be worth bothering to ban, in order to promote domestic competitors.

I think this is less about censorship, which they’ve already got a handle on, and more about being a pretty tame example of the anti-competitive practices they constantly engage in against foreign companies. We should have stopped doing business with them decades ago.

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