Microsoft: NSA harming constitution


And by ‘Fundamental Constitutional Principles’, we mean “Microsoft’s ability to sell Office365, Azure, and services to foreigners with their ‘privacy’ stuff. We think they might even be getting jumpy about our new console’s mandatory evil camera”…

(On the plus side, while ‘shareholder value’ may be kind of a shitty constitutional right, it sure does have more friends than most of the real ones, so I’m 100% in favor of the perception, and ideally the reality, that NSA activities harm the interests of influential US corporations.)


The fact the public is now aware of what we were so willing to do before, for the right price, is starting to bite us in the ass more than Window 8. So here is our letter to show the public we are on their side and make them feel good about us again.

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Any that cares to know realizes that have completely f’ed over. No one with a brain will ever trust Microsoft with there confidential data again. It’s dismal. It appears you can trust no one especially people with power.

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Why are people here blaming Microsoft for any of this? The NSA and our elected representatives are the culprits here, not the companies they compel to comply under force of law.

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If MS had a problem with spying on their customers they could have complained a bit earlier. Complaining and writing letters when your caught playing the “good german” is just a thinly veiled farce to placate the public.


I notice they say the secrecy, and not the actual spying itself is the problem. Too bad.

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Why are people blaming Microsoft? It’s probably because they were never “compelled by force of law” to spy on you; in fact I think it’s safe to assume that Microsoft sold you out to your own government for cold, hard cash just like the telcos did.

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Damn… when you’re even too evil for Microsoft…


This is a joke that Putin, Obama, Ballmer, and Snowden came up with during a game of poker over the weekend.

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weren’t these the guys that opened a back door to hotmail just cause they were asked to?

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I don’t understand why people assume they didn’t complain sooner. Has everyone forgotton complaints had to go through a secret court, and gag orders were frequently handed out to prevent any public discussion?

Seriously. I work at Microsoft… if someone thinks the company is dithering over itself to break customer trust, they’ve been sold a bill of goods. Customer PII (Personally Identifying Information) is heavily cordoned off, even for internal use. I had to go through multiple hours of training and had my use cases vetted by our legal department before I could even begin to look at some of it (as ambiguous as what country was identification number #23422344 from, for ensuring our game had good network support across various regions).

Sounds like Microsoft had two options:

  1. Fight the request in a secret court.
  2. Comply and ensure that only specific user records were retrieved under Microsoft guidance, with a government (if secret) paper trail.

And there’s nothing that says #1 didn’t happen. The only reason you’re seeing this letter now is that they’re gambling the gag order doesn’t apply to vaguely worded requests now that Snowden’s leaks have made this a public dialog.

All of the above is IMHO and not representative of my corporate overlords, of course.


I understand exactly what you’re saying, and yet I see no reason to trust you. Or, more to the point, no reason to trust whoever is the Vice President in Charge of Helping the Feds Build the NWO.

But they were compelled by force of law. That’s kind of the whole point here.

What law was that, exactly?

The secret one, subject to the double-secret interpretation, as declared constitutional during the in camera proceedings of the super secret court.

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Why in the world would anyone believe Microsoft was “legally compelled” if there is absolutely no evidence of compulsion?  If I tell you a secret law made me drive over my neighbor’s cat, will you believe me?  That cat is working for the heathen chinee, you know.  True fact, the NSA told me so.

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