How the US forces internet companies to cooperate on spying, or else

“By wielding a potent legal threat, the U.S. government is often able to force Internet companies to aid its surveillance demands. The threat? Comply or we’ll implant our own eavesdropping devices on your network.” Declan McCullagh at CNET News writes about the real-time “electronic surveillance” orders the NSA can serve to 'net service providers for… READ THE REST

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Microsoft’s engineers have quietly designed a system to comply with government orders, which manages to avoid having a surveillance device implanted on a internal network. (Microsoft declined to comment for this article.)
One case that used it arose out of a probe into illegal drug sales in Philadelphia. As part of that investigation, the government obtained a court order for a real-time wiretap against a Hotmail account.

The more we figure out and find out, the more Snowden keeps getting vindicated. And, the more his detractors ignore it.

Anyway, I enjoyed the picture of the Russian protestors in the central Moscow rally who support Snowden.

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