Inside the obscure FBI unit that does the NSA's dirty work


Sorry, don’t want to have to sign up to one more “free” service to read only one article.


Let them eat end-to-end encryption. Law abiding people wouldn’t have to do this if the FBI/NSA didn’t break the contract. Now they can expect no cooperation. The telcos can been broken up into a billion companies for all I care. It will be good for the market.


Safari has this great feature called the “Develop” menu that allows you to “View source” code behind HTML elements on a web page… and select / delete the annoying ones, like the floaty “please subscribe to our flawed business model” popups … this is how I zap the login requests for and for


Or send 'em to the loopback address via the hosts file (as I once again bemoan the loss of Privoxy).

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Paywall says “No.”

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But I use Firefox; is there a solution for that browser? And I’m not sure I’d know what to do even if there was; I get anxious when I see words like “view source” and “codes”.

Hitting the escape key before the page finishes loading also works, but you have to time it just right.

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The Firefox extension NoScript should by default keep that popup away - I know its Chrome cousin does. Also useful for getting past many other paywalls and avoiding untrusted javascript, too.

Downsides: A bit of a learning curve and some websites may not work as expected without some tweaks.

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everyone is entitled to their specific opinion. that being said, i don’t know that the solution is always to break up large companies. costs are incurred when that happens. it’s going to have to be by a case to case basis.

these people have cost many american taxpayers, many guests of our nation, many everyday people more than is even vaguely considered appropriate. i understand the frustration and anger. i myself have to work it off sometimes. i will never bribe an official unless it’s in a role playing game or (iff) a computer simulation. reality (and iff) and alternate reality are both too precious for that type of innane behavior. childish of a bully, rude of an adult, will not be my memory of life.

Don’t think about that too much. Just get rid of them.

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