Microsoft wants to rename Internet Explorer to shed negative associations



Microsoft to kill Internet Explorer brand

You can’t polish a turd, but you sure as hell can sprinkle glitter on it.


How about… Internet Sexplorer? You know you want it!


How about “Intraweb Exploder”?


As fun as it is to hate on IE, they’ve really vastly improved it - from a developer standpoint I’m teetering over the edge of liking the latest iterations of IE more than Firefox. Blasphemy I know.

They absolutely should rename it. It’s impossible to shed the old opinions of IE no matter how well they do at this point.


Internet Exploiter is the first to come to mind.

Or perhaps MicroSoft NSK? As in No Secrets Kept

InVulnerable, for Internet Vulnerable. Or WebVuln


“Chrome Downloader” or “Firefox Downloader”.


The icon on my work machine has always been renamed “Exploder” – with a nice mushroom cloud icon:


Mythbusters show you CAN polish a turd (,

but the real question is do you want to, and what does Microsoft get out of it? IE’s expansion is only wanted for the bing search defaults and corresponding ad revenue . They would do better to install IE, Fire Fox and Chrome in a default installation, with bing as a search engine on ALL the browsers.


Funny, Bing is very useful for that exact thing


“That program you have to use to do your online banking”.


Sorry Everyone
Colon Explorer
Embrace & Extend
Active Y
Interdent Exlorper
Ballmer’s Revenge
Cloud Surfer Xtreme
Toolbar Holder
Virus Quest 2: Back in the Habit


Slowly Atrophying Corporate Appendage


yeah, but it’s still a security nightmare until it’s decoupled from Windows & ActiveX. I’d settle for being able to uninstall it first.


Dammit, I Wanted To Open That Email Link In Chrome


Not “wants” so much as “some people at Microsoft explored this idea once in an email thread.”

5 more Micro$oft secrets that will totally blow your mind!


I suggest “Microsoft Vector” … Where’s your data going today?

I’m working help desk / desktop support at my college. This past Spring when the latest IE security exploit was announced, we received an email from our boss telling us to warn our users not to use IE. Oh hey, no problem … in fact, consider that retroactive for several years now …


I had the impression that MS was under some pressure to divest itself entirely of things like Internet Explorer and Bing and XBox.

On that note, I would think some form of co-branding would be the way to go. Unfortunately, there’d be no way you could persuade people to consistently pronounce “Binger” with a hard “g”.

I also wonder: would we get another video featuring Internet Explorer Tan introducing her tsundre senpai, or something?


Yes! “Microsoft Glitter!”


They should call it Bob…because that worked so well for them the last time.