Microsoft working closely with NSA -- direct access given to Hotmail, Skydrive

Let me guess: You own tons of Android or Apple Products. In either case…lol.

Seriously, though, WinDoze? MotherShip? Can you be any more insufferable?

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Hey, remember when people who claimed the government was spying on everyone were characterized as paranoid cranks who made hats out of tinfoil?

Maybe they’re due a few apologies.

Or, from my perspective: “Phew! Glad that’s an account never created!”

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I disagree entirely and profoundly.

The Hippocratic oath (the one from the 6th to 3rd C BC, never mind the modern re-inventions of it) included “And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets.”

You could always walk to a place where you couldn’t be overheard and speak privately. Only quite recently have we become convinced that we must carry tracking devices with builtin microphones with us all the time.

You could always pay in cash or in kind - only now are we becoming convinced that we must pay for things with auditable electronic transactions.

It was not that long ago at all that a person wishing to abandon their entire history and family could just walk to the next county and introduce themselves under a new name - only recently have national identity papers become essential to every aspect of life, have what were parish records become nationally collected and linked to those same papers.

We’re all metadata now.


Settling for compliments on millinery: is at the moment the best collected info on alternatives to services and software. To replace Skype they recommend Jitsi (


Of course it’s worse. It’s unthinkable that any nation could do something better then the United States.

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I wonder if Canonical will eventually bow to our NSA overlords with Ubuntu and their phone version?

I think they’d find that hard to do when people literally scour their source for any such backdoors.

You’re assuming that what’s on the phone matches the source.

Or that every element of the toolchain is trustworthy.

You’re not talking script kiddies here, you’re talking nation-state actors. That’s a whole other ballgame.

No. I’m assuming that what’s on the source can easily be rebuilt and flashed to the phone. Which , currently, with android and ubuntu, it can. (And I suspect firefox os too, just haven’t checked.)

Rebuilt with what trusted toolchain?

Yes. If necessary.

I repeat, WHAT trusted toolchain. I don’t dispute your ability to rerun a build. How do you ensure it’s a trusted one when you can’t trust your toolchain?

I can inspect the code all the way from code to compilation of all parts, including, if I really wanted, using something like LFS to build everything from source up to and including the android source. Yes, I lose functionality on some of the blobs , but the whole thing can be code inspected at source, and I can even, if I so choose, go from bare metal and build the OS and toolchain from source too.

Again, what trusted toolchain?

Read the link I posted before. Unless you’re inspecting at the assembly level, you’re not inspecting fully.

Oh, you added stuff to your posts.

I’m sorry, I don’t debate with people who change contexts on the fly.

Change contexts? I’ve kept the same one throughout. How do you get a build you trust? That’s the only thing I’ve been asking the whole time.

I think that’s highly debatable…

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