Mike Mignola documentary "Drawing Monsters" now streaming

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A relatively-new acquaintance of mine got his box set the other day — because he’s in it!


Is this documentary the “upcoming new movie” or is there a different film on the way that I wasn’t aware of?
I liked David Harbour fine as Hellboy but the movie itself wasn’t nearly as good as the Del Toro movies. I would love to get part 3 of the Del Toro trilogy, even with Harbour taking over the role.

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Yeah, they waited until they sent the blu-ray out to setup the ‘digital copy’ that was part of the kickstarter backing - on a site so poorly run that it not only gets sent to the spam folder it’s seen as a phishing attempt as well - the original link didn’t work, support had to be contacted twice to get access and the viewing is only through a web browser on a device that supports it.

So not too pleased with the digital copy of this kickstarter - will likely rip the blu-ray this weekend so I have an actual digital copy.

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I really love Mike Mignola’s artwork; especially when it is coloured by Dave Stewart. It is so pulpy, so fey, and so weird. I was surprised by the tone of the movies, as they didn’t match the Celtic Twilight mood that I got from reading the comics.

I’m also a big fan of Guy Davis’s work (with Dave Stewart again) on the B.P.R.D. comic. Guy’s work has a broken, fragile aesthetic that suits the theme of mortals facing down uncaring gods and monsters.

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