Exclusive: Dark Horse announces anniversary edition of Mike Mignola's The Amazing Screw-On Head

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It’s a pity the animated adaptation never got past the pilot stage, but the one episode that was produced absolutely nailed Mike Mignola’s visual style and quirky storytelling. It even featured an all-star voice cast including Paul Giamatti as Screw-On Head, David Hyde Pierce as Emperor Zombie and Patton Oswalt as Mr. Groin among others.


Big fan of the pilot and have always lamented that it never went anywhere. Thematically its probably a hard sell because it’s high level weirdness, but to me that’s what makes it so great. There’s nothing like it and love the odd humor.




“Don’t put your damage on me.”

oh wow, I’ve long given up hope of seeing anything more come out of this story! immediately pre-ordered. Maybe the animated pilot was too early for its time, seems like something that could fair pretty well on a streaming service these days.

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in this day and age there must be some way to kick-start, indy production, streaming service, somehow get this series made.


Holy hell - Bryan Fuller did this show


Legion and Doom Patrol got funded somehow


The Hellboy animations didn’t even try, and are terrible.

One of the apexes of western civilization to be sure.

I haven’t read this, but looks like I should.

I have been slowly getting used Hellboy graphic novels, some with Richard Corben in them (making me further regret never getting his signature). Always have enjoyed Mignolas work, even though much of Hellboy is done by other artists.

I think my first exposure to him, was his four part series for Marvel’s Epic line of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

And much later I found out he did this cover for The Shadow Strikes.

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Mignola also wrote a pretty good classic vampire story called “Baltimore, or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire”. A friend read one of the comics later and didn’t love it as much, i dont know if it got better in subsequent issues but i do recommend the OG novel.

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I love Mignola’s stuff, but it’s worth noting that most Hellboy stuff was edited by Scott Allie, who later was fired by Dark Horse for an ungodly number of accusations of sexual abuse and harassment.

From this article:

One former employee described Allie as “far and away the most despicable, abusive, and awful person I’ve ever worked with,” adding, “the amount of trauma he’s caused the people who have worked with him is extreme.” Another wrote, “While head of editorial, he was not allowed to have women in his office w/his door closed bc he repeatedly shouted or otherwise harassed staff to tears.”

I have no interest in cancelling Mignola or telling you to stop reading his work, which is truly amazing stuff. I hope this edition is successful. And I hope no one working to make great comics has to go through this sort of abuse to do it.


A few years ago the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco had a “Tribute to Mike Mignola’s Hellboy” exhibition that included original art from a wide range of comic artists from The New Yorker on down which was pretty fun. Here’s one from Jeffrey Brown of Darth Vader and Son fame;

I want to say Bill Watterson did one too but I may be misremembering.


Slightly off topic but my company was recently doing some work with the effects company that did a lot of the costumes and practical effects for the Hellboy movies. Their gallery of the work that they did on those films is pretty neat.



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