Mildred Norman gave away her possessions to walk North America in the cause of peace

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There’s a book about her, I have it around somewhere. I think it was written by someone else, so not a self-published book. I’ve yet to read it.

I remember a point when I heard about her, and it came as a surprise. I don’t remember reading about her earlier, as if she had no connection to a general pacifist movement.


There are two books that I know of, & a small pamphlet. One book, Peace Pilgrim, consists of direct quotes from her talks & letters, published by a group of supporters who have continued to spread her message of peace. The other, Peace Pilgrim Through the Eyes of Her Friends & Admirers, published by the Free Print Shop, features interviews with people who knew her, as well as her correspondence with a young men who asked her such questions as “Was Jesus gay/” The second book reveals some of her more esoteric teachings as well as a few imperfections that make it clear she was a human like you or me, who made the choice to give up worldly ambition & live for peace.

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