Second generation Peace Pilgrim makes second attempt to promote world peace

If you missed the greatThis American Life’s episode from 2009 about Daryl Watson’s short-lived but laudable attempt to “walk across the country in order to promote world peace and bring harmony to all nations” you might wonder from time-to-time what he is up to. This morning, I was telling my daughter about the original Peace… READ THE REST

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If Peace Pilgrim runs across that Xeni’s angry guitar player, I hope someone is there to video tape it.


Yes. Oh, please yes.

Peace Pilgrim part Deux: Peace HARDER!

I was just listening to that story a few weeks ago, it was striking how naïve he was before starting out on his pilgrimage. Here’s hoping he has better success on this journey.

Mildred Norman Ryder didn’t quit.

Aren’t we all. It was a remarkable story. I look forward to buying whatever book he turns it into.

I would recommend the book ‘Planet Walker’ if this interests you. By John Francis, who went on a 22 year peace pilgrimage, in silence. A great autobiographical account.

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So far it seems about as effective as that guy in Rome who is often shown wearing a dress and standing on some balcony in front of thousands of followers. He “prays” for peace regularly to no particular avail.

We are not a peaceful species and likely never will be.


Brings to mind the by-necessity self-organized 1986 Great Peace March. There’s also next year’s cross-country Climate March - any happy mutants planning to go? I’m considering it…

Only two links per post, so re the Great Peace March here’s an excellent reflective article from 1999, and a video

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