Militant commander accidentally blows up dozens of trainee suicide bombers




give that man a medal! Also a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay…


Four Lions anyone?


Daaaaaaaaaaaanger zoneeeeeeeeee!!!

Sorry. They’re called ISIS! I couldn’t help it!


Does that sound like an awesome time Barry? Yes it does other Barry, yes it does.


And where have we seen that before?


Allow me to introduce myself: Wile E. Jihad, genius.


I can’t help wondering if the dead 21 qualify for their 72 virgins.


I’m just surprised these kinds of accidents aren’t happening constantly…


They were, quite literally, “hoist with their own petard”…


When the writers talked about all the research they did for the story, and how the more ridiculous elements were more fact-based, they weren’t kidding.


Great movie!

I wonder if we can spread a rumor that most suicide bomber trainees are actually American spies out to rub them out.


That’s 72 virgins you heathen… and that’s PER martyr!


Ah, sure. “Accidentally”. No CIA involvement here.

Agent Amir: “Ok, class starts in 20 minutes. Here’s your *snerk* ‘training’ vest.”
Training Instructor: “Something funny?”
Agent Amir: “Oh, just thinking about killing the infidels. Say, you’re going to be recording this, right?”

Bunch of merry pranksters, them.


Jeez, does anyone other than the Tea Party actually believe that bullshit?


'…They think that your early ending
Was all wrong
For the most part they’re right
But look how they all got strong

That’s why I say man, nice shot
What a good shot man…’

I sit in capitalist complacency: secure in geographical absolvency.
I never wanted Iraqi desolation
What was the point of our invasion decimation?
Suicidal Incompetents: blow yer faces off you bloody dumb fucks you


but the reality is that people who are willing to be suicide bombers – and those who exploit them – may not be very bright at all.

same goes for a shit-ton of military commanders and soldiers across all nations/ideologies/etc. If it weren’t for the military systems preying on folks at weak points in their lives, pretty much most armies would be skeletal.


I have often wondered how they go from bringing down the twin towers to lighting their shoes and underwear on fire.


Fantastic. :slight_smile: However, I believe the moniker was “sooper genius.”


Jeez, that’s 1512 virgins just right there. Heaven must be teeming with virgins! And idiots.