Military-grade drones, coming to a police department near you

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Military-grade drones

So, built with the lowest-bidder quality and materiels, for the highest-bidder price?

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Congrats @AndreaJames on your first Doctorow Grade Misleading Headline!

Its a damn shame that people are conflating even higher end quad or more DJI type devices with Predator or Reaper type UAVs using the word “drone” but in fact there is nothing in the linked Economist article which would justify the phrase “military-grade” here even considering the confused term.

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They grow up so fast…

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From the article:

"The first police departments to adopt drones, in the mid-2000s, leaned towards buying expensive commercial drones that were produced specifically with law-enforcement and military applications in mind. "

your definition of -nothing- seems to be different from mine, and from those departments and agencies which pursue military grade hardware.

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