Military police weighed using 'heat ray' to burn skin of D.C. protesters at Trump church photo op in June

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“Wow, our President loves Jesus so much that he’s willing to blind, suffocate, beat and torture parishioners at their own church just for an opportunity to take a photo holding a Bible!”


I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t make your skin feel “as if” it is burning, it just burns it. Why fix a weapon if it isn’t broken?


The thing about MEDUSA is, nobody stands in its path long enough to get anything burned. It’s extremely painful

Seen some demos. Nobody stands up to it.


Unless they are incapable of fleeing because they are disabled, injured or otherwise immobilized. Lucky thing none of THOSE situations ever apply to people at the scene of a protest, right?


Yeah. Idealized field testing is what I saw. I certainly don’t condone its use.


But MEDUSA is supposed to be auditory system.

The “heat ray” would be Active Denial System, or its successor, the ADS II.


Right. I mixed them up.


MEDUSA is still an interesting system though. I’m just not sure about its range. Isn’t it something like the demo booths in Best Buy when it was still open… You can’t hear the sound unless you’re standing directly in front of the device? Something that should be impossible, yet it works. Could be an interesting variant on the loudspeaker… or causes non-lethal damage to people in the focus zone.

For years I loved listening to John Sinclair’s radio show on WWOZ, a New Orleans community radio station. Leading up to the 2004 presidential election his show became by far the most political the station ever got and for months he promised that if Bush was re-elected he’d leave the U.S. (he’s lived in Amsterdam since). At this point, I’ll do anything I can between now and election day to get trump out, but if he’s re-elected I very well might leave. Its just too much


Take note, those that keep saying they wish the military would show US cops what training/discipline/rules of engagement are.

Yes, they may ultimately not have employed them but they seriously thought about it.


Hmm… it’s as if it’s specifically the skin of the protesters that brings out their sadism. Just wondering what it could be about the protestors’ skin that makes the cops focus on that, rather than, say, harming their respiratory systems with tear gas or their air drums with shock grenades.

That would have involved burning the skin of the actual clergy of the church, in order to clear it for Trump’s photo-op.

Trump Said No Flesh-Burning Microwaves Used to Clear Protesters for Photo Op. These Grease-Stains Suggest Otherwise.

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It’s already too late, unless you’re already a citizen of another nation (in which case, why are you still here?). Nobody is taking US refugees.

And that would be rationalized away because Episcopalians are almost Catholic, and everyone knows that Catholics aren’t really Christian, so she was just a protester, not a cleric. Besides, she was passing out medical supplies to protesters. Material support for the Enemies of the State!

It’s not unusual for scientists to take jobs in other countries and usually working visas are relatively easy to get if you have a PhD and a job offer.


Luckily nobody with an interest in ‘pain compliance’ techniques and a practical knowledge of restraints would ever think of any…extracurricular…applications for a device that emulates the sensation of being on fire without lasting damage or the sorts of injuries that look bad on camera.

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Uhm, yeah, but in the Time of the Great Plague?

(Personal observation. I have a PhD, but I’m retiring shortly. For at least ten years, I’d have been considered ‘too old’ - the immigration authorities elsewhere would have presumed that I was moving just to get better health care.)

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