Millennials are legit screwed

The entire list is the 70’s in the North Eastern USA, I got the f’ out in 76’ and never went back.


"74 percent are worried they won’t be able to pay their healthcare bills if they get sick."
To some degree it sounds like millennials aren’t any more screwed - they’re just more aware of being screwed than other generations have been.


Millennials are probably less screwed than the Baby Boomers who happen to be the reason this extremely successful first world nation seems like a developing nation in so many ways. It’s one thing to be struggling and 30 it’s another to have the same concerns at 60, and with how the young are shaped and continuing to hold their opinions (rather than lose their heart) things will be forced to change eventually.

Hell you can easily find an article about the top earning millenials who are less concerned about material wealth and how much that confuses older people in the same positions.


‘We’re screwed but we’re not going to vote’


My Dad (from the “Silent” generation between the “Greatests” and the “Boomers”) often said that he felt sorry for the Millenials and younger generations. Given climate change, the economic shift that’s underway as we close out the postwar anomaly, the massive debt that seems required to achieve a dignified life in mainstream America, and the resurgence of right-wing authoritarianism worldwide, I couldn’t help but agree with him.

I’d only add that a lot my fellow Gen Xers are facing a precarious old age in the same leaky lifeboat. And many about-to-retire members of the Boomer generation that’s largely responsible for the 35+ years of policy that led to this mess in America got dinged hard in the aftermath of 2008, too.


Hell you can easily find an article about the top earning millenials who are less concerned about material wealth and how much that confuses older people in the same positions.

I always find that amusing, the Boomer’s puzzlement over why an urban Millenial making good money would put $6000 toward an amazing vacation experience but not commit $70k toward a luxury car that isn’t used 90% of the time.


"Vote for the establishment corporatist DINO or Marmot Head Hitler. You have to vote. No third parties."


I find myself seriously considering not encouraging my children to attend college without a very clear plan and goal (barring scholarships).

I honestly think the student loan industry is a major barrier to economic growth and innovation - individually and as a society. When people finish college they should be most able to take risks, try new things, start companies - whatever. Instead they are under massive debt and must get, and keep, the first job they can find. There is no room for risk. It’s a fucking trap that screws people over on a massive scale.

Here in Canada it isn’t quite so bad - our tuitions are high but not stupid in the way US tuitions have become.

On the other side of that argument is the simple fact that a lot of the time spent in college is a complete waste of time for many of the students. Young people are told by the rest of us that they must go to college to succeed in life, but many who do have no idea why they are there or what to do while they are there - so they get a degree in whatever and a big pile of debt to shackle them for life. What a scam.


LOL - you can’t vote yourself out of screwed.


You think millennials are screwed?

What about their parents?


A lot of them were eager to vote, oddly for a crabby old pinko grandpa in his 70s who at least had the decency to be honest and tell the youngsters that they were legit screwed and some serious changes had to be made. But a corrupt party was having none of that, so here they are with yet another establishment Dem Boomer telling them that everything’s going to be OK if they trust her to conduct to business as usual.

That’s not to say they shouldn’t vote*, just that we can’t expect a lot of enthusiasm from them given the choices presented. “She’s not a crazed narcissistic grifter and she’ll nominate SCOTUS justices who are decent when it comes to social issues” isn’t a slogan that’s going to get the kids revved up.

[* Please vote. For Clinton. Especially if you’re in a swing or battleground state.]


Parents who are often dealing with elderly and ill parents of their own. In a society and economy that hasn’t been geared toward multi-generational households for a century.


Hippy communes are the past, millennial communes are the future.


Fuck that noise… I just turned 46, and though I don’t live with my parents I fit every other category on that list.


It’s been a long time since I was young. But when I was young, I fit that list pretty closely (except for student debt, I could see that burden coming from years away). After years of hard work and responsible scrimping and saving I can safely say that Millennials are indeed legit screwed.


I was always dismayed that none of the millennials I’ve known (admittedly not many) had part time jobs in high school. Maybe that’s not as easy today as it was for me but I feel like getting into the rhythm of the workplace as soon as possible (I started at 15) is invaluable. Maybe it won’t address all of those issues (college debt…yikes) but it certainly gives you useful skills to fall back on.


Didn’t I see that on Portlandia?


Yeah. They put a bird on it.


No they don’t. They measure participation in the economy. It’s you who equated that with success.


You’re right about the skills and experience. However, lots of American adults now have to subsist on one or more part-time jobs (because full-time jobs involve the corporation handing out “luxuries” like health benefits and retirement plans). Throw in the fact that those adult workers are frequently overqualified and/or old folks forced to stay in the labour market post-crash and the result is that part-time jobs for teenagers are thinner on the ground these days.


Was it Mitt Romney who in a media interview said something like

“When I was in high school, I worked at the burger shack. I made a nickle an hour and that was enough for me to buy a car and keep it in gas and oil, and I have no idea what he young kids are complaining about! These part-time jobs aren’t meant for adults anyway.”