"Monopoly for Millennials" recommends playing in your parents' basement


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Actual conversation in my house last night:
“Hey, have you seen this new Monopoly for Millenials edition?”
“No, what’s it called?”
“Monopoly for Millenials.”
“Hah ha, no, seriously, what’s the real name of the game?”
“It’s literally called Monopoly for Millenials. Uncle Pennybags is wearing a participation ribbon and drinking Starbucks, and it says ‘forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway’ on the box cover.”
"What. The. Fuck."


I could honestly see them trying to release this for us as a sort of ironic play… but ehhh… it sounds boring as hell aside from the jokes which also sound pretty stale.


It’s a parody game.

They’re also releasing:

  • Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis
  • Botched Operation
  • Sorry! Not Sorry!
  • Mystery Date: Catfished
  • Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas


A $3 off coupon for the game is included with every bottle of these at Walmart


Those are all kind of brilliant and will likely sell like crazy this Christmas. But the Monopoly for Millenials doesn’t have the THIS IS A PARODY banner on it like the others. But I definitely appreciate its parody value.


On the webpage they make it sound like this will work like F.lux (or whatever it’s called now that it has been integrated in most phone OS’s’):

These tropical punch flavored gummies improve eye health by helping to filter out damaging blue light when using digital devices.*

A [CTRL] + [F] revealed the small print:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Such a weird claim to make…


He did already have the hipster facial hair though…


AIn the same league as:


I don’t know, there is a finite amount of Boomers/Gen Xers who would buy this to give to a Millennial as a hate gift. And even less clueless grandparents who think it would be a neat gift for the twentysomething grandkid.

Really, the only people I can see buying it are those who plan on giving it as an insult. The sort of people who voted [GOP] in the last two elections.

But hey, Monopoly is a hate-inducing game anyways, and the best players are assholes, so fuck the entire franchise.


Finite means nonzero, and the printing machines are already fully depreciated. Somewhere there’s somebody my age opening the box and cackling with glee. They collect Archie comics too.


Still, I expect more will end up unsold in landfills than Hasbro expects. Warehouse space costs money too.


Both of which require… money.


I’ve never understood this kind of gift giving. Yes, by all means waste your money on something that’s going directly to a landfill.


How delightfully ironic.

Boomers and Gen X enjoyed the “fantasy” of Monopoly, but history has looped back around to a world that’s about as dysfunctional as it was when The Landlords’ Game was first made.

If Millennials aren’t buying Monopoly, it’s not because our “precious sensitivities” aren’t being pandered to it’s because the original social commentary that the game was meant to make is plainly and obviously relevant again. We don’t want experience points, we want the opportunity to live reasonable, comfortable lives just like everyone else.

I would very much like to share my feelings about this piece of pandering garbage with its creators. I think it’d be a very fun (for me) conversation.


Not quite Public Assistance bad, but pretty bad.

I do enjoy reminding people that the mean and median ages of Millennials is only increasing. It stops seeming as funny to people when you point out that even with a generous definition of what constitutes a millennial they’re not going to be twenty-somethings much longer. Many of us already aren’t.


I find it weird that people still associate millennials with all uniformly being in their early 20s… but people get ideas in their head…

Also, I had never heard of that game. How horrible. The entire list is racist as hell…


What? Not in the slightest. I think there’s tons of 20/30-somethings who’d get a good laugh out of giving or getting “Sorry! Not Sorry!” or “Botched Operation” in a white elephant gift exchange. They’re the perfect $20-ish gift for that sort of thing and a party crowd. I have no idea where you get the idea that goofy parody board games are made to appeal only to Trump supporters.

Wow, you’re in a bad mood.



The oldest milenials are old enough to be grandparents or have put in the 20 years of service to have retired from the military.


Yeah, that’s true. But it’s also true that people try to lump younger gen xers into millennials.