Millions in dark money via U.S. Chamber of Commerce influencing midterm elections


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Hmmm, bribery, corruption and the buying politicians, what could be better. How about convincing the voters that your candidate is the better person for the job without lying and cheating.

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Victims are referring to the practice as ‘getting Koch-blocked’.


It’s just getting stupider and stupider. That hero of capitalism, George Bush, presides over the utter destruction of the US economy. Evil black socialist Barack Hussein Obama pulls that back from the brink, and presides over record-breaking Wall Street gains.

And corporate interests just keep on funding the GOP. The only explanation I can come up with is that punishing the poor is really that much more fun than actual profits.

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This surprises me not at all, since I learned long ago that if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is for something, I pretty reliably end up on the opposite side of the issue.

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I suspect the economy is strong enough to deliver double-digit profits to investors, or to add more jobs and raise wages, but not both.

You already know which option our political and corporate “leaders” will choose.

I had a cousin who worked for them. When I would ask her about work – the sort of generic question you’d ask anyone – she would waffle and not answer. Even the first time, when all I asked is “where do you work?”, she would not tell me the name of her place of business. Guilty conscience? Or had she been told I was a commie liberal and therefore couldn’t be trusted?

Pro-tip: even spies have reasonable cover stories…if you feel unable to say the name of your company to a family member in a private setting, there’s something wrong with your job and you know it.

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Not true.

The economy isn’t strong enough to deliver triple-digit profits to investors…that’s the problem.

The US economy is currently doing both. There is no reason in the world these should be mutually exclusive, except some of our leaders seem bound and determined to increase unemployment, hoping somebody else gets the blame.

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