From Enron to Saudi Arabia, from Rikers Island to ICE's gulag, how McKinsey serves as "Capitalism's Consigliere"

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Christ, what an asshole!


Mayor Pete’s employment with these scumbags doesn’t seem to have hurt his prospects much.


These fuckers are in thick with the Canadian government too. Geez.


I’m not thrilled about this, but I’m more repulsed by Cory Booker’s ties to Bain Capital (Mitt Romney’s old firm). The Private Equity industry is a blight upon the land and should not exist. Buying a company to try to manage it better is one thing; buying a company and then loading it with massive debt to pay the buyers a management fee is quite another. If the company goes under, the PE firm gets their fees and sells off all the assets. PE is a way to channel the profits to the firm, and channel losses to the workers, the community, and the customers. I don’t like to use the word evil, so I’ll say it’s wicked and it should be stopped.
At least with hedge funds, if the business fails, the investors lose money (though the hedge fund manager gets fees also, which I think is wrong if they are also investors).


and there you go. the choice between candidates is essentially do I want to die in a car crash or do I want to die in a car crash that results in being consumed in a fire.

thats. not. good.

All that said, I will vote for any Democrat over any Republican. There was a time (the 80s?) when you could in good conscience vote for a better (more honest, smarter, more qualified) Republican over a Democrat. No longer true. The GOP has become so frankly wicked that as an institution it is repellent regardless of the qualities of individual GOP candidates. Their commitment to a White America and minority rule is toxic.

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