Mind-bending visual trick by Japanese psychologist: is it yellow or white?

Originally published at: Japanese Psychologist's Illusion Reveals Surprising Color Trick


Wow so weird.

I’m pretty nearsighted and if I look at it 6 in from my face, the effect goes away, but then comes back if I move my phone just a few inches farther.

The yellow effect fades (but not completely) if you isolate a bit of the image between two fingers.

I’m not clear of the purpose of the other two circles. If I obscure them circles, the illusion still works.



Yeah - you can either zoom in or cover the other circles - as soon as you get all of the colors at the same time the yellow effect happens.

The black lines alone want to make the white ‘darker’ in the circle if you are zoomed out enough - I think the other colors are what change the ‘shade’ to yellow.

i thought so at first too. then if i zoom in ( as per @themadpoet ) it appears white until the moment i can perceive either of the other two colors, and then it immediately swaps to yellow

i’d guess - like the dress - the effect is slightly differen for different people

The yellow is actually an illusion; it is white.

Up to a point, Lord Copper.

At first glance, yes, but a second later when actually looking, not just glancing, it is easy to see it is white.

The effect is less pronounced if you, uh, have nightshift set to 100% all the time.

(Also, if you carefully follow one line with your eyes from where it is clearly white up to where it would be yellow, it stays white as long as you keep it in central vision.)



I agree that I can still see the yellow if I obscure the other two colors.

I think the effect is mostly from the way the blue bars turn to black, which is what we’d expect when something completely complementary adds to the color. Yellow is opposite blue on the color wheel.

I do think the other two wheels add to the illusion, making it stronger.


Looking at that makes my eyes feel pretty uncomfortable.

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