Mindbliss centers you with curated meditations


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Oh good, so we can pay to utilize our useless thoughts and prayers about our problems. 0_o


Just relax.


Lifetime subscriptions…

And what do those average around here? About eight months?


Is this Gwyneth Paltrow’s sock puppet account?


I feel that a “highly intelligent Artificial Intelligence” would find something better to do. It’s not like it needs the money.

As things get crazier and crazier around the world, I expect many more of these hucksters promising that …

You can come back to center with guided meditations, breathing exercises, and 3D nature soundscapes …

Except that you won’t.


Or you could use Insight Timer for free human-curated meditations.


Mindbliss centers you with curated meditations

That’s a lot of really annoying words all lined up.


I’m feeling curated right now.


Christ, talk about the Matrix. Don’t worry, AI will lead your mind to a peacful, tranquil experience… that will NEVER END! Take the red pill, I mean the blue one… Uh, I forgot which one is the good pill.


I prefer GWA because loading mindfff…bliss audio from random strangers has so many thrilling surprises.


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