Miniature midcentury media center (Just add iPad Mini)


That’s charming! It just needs an app that will add all the black-and-white, fuzzily scanned, nonlinear-sweep, touchy vertical-hold, etc. artifacts of a real 1950s television set.

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In the late 90’s I worked on some software that when you exited it, the screen would close down to a white dot mid screen and then fade to black in the exact fashion of an old BW TV. Thematically it had nothing to do with the functionality of the software and it predated everyone on the project, so no one knew why it was there. The source had been migrated multiple times and in the process the earliest changes were no longer available.

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Wrong decade, but this does something similar:

Just adjust the rabbit ears for better reception.

Obligatory plug for my buddy’s blog where I found this:

It may be of interest to a number of people around here.

iPad mini?
You might want to add one of these:

I had one, curiously over the screen of our humongous Magnavox tv back in the 70’s

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