RetroConnector makes tiny replica vintage computers to house tiny modern miniature computers

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It’s a pity the keys on the miniature cases don’t actually work, though. I know it would be impractical even if they did, but you could maybe hit them with a narrow stylus the way you see people on Youtube playing those miniature Japanese pianos.

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He also updates classic gadgets, such as the M0100, “the best mouse Apple ever made”, to work on modern machines.

for ($i=1; $i<100; $i++) {
 echo 'HA! ';

I swear on my cats’ lives, Apple have never made a mouse that isn’t a hideous abomination. First thing to do with a new Mac? Plug in a Logitech mouse and burn Apple’s sorry excuse so it can’t cause any more unpleasantness.

(That said, the current model is almost acceptable, as long as you don’t accidentally move your fingers).

Back on topic: these cases are cool!


Donde esta mi Amiga?


If he had emulation for the sound of the 1050 disk drive with a US Doubler that I can still remember 30 years later, I’d buy one right now. They’re not cheap, but these are really pretty neat.

Now that I think of the disk sound emulation of the FS-UAE Amiga emulator, maybe I have to re-think this… But the Amiga wasn’t “My” computer, so of course its disk drive sounds annoying and weird. Obviously Atari ST and 8-bit drives are how Right Thinking floppies should sound.

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What is that in?

At first I thought it was Perl, which made me think,

print "HA! " x 99;

Ah, it’s *cough* PHP. I should have used pseudo-code :slight_smile:

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You could probably repurpose one of those tiny bluetooth keyboards to do that.

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