Minima, a tiny 4px typeface, certain to annoy many


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“Fickler so a resm typeface smaller than anything you have seen badera. You can use it to print volumes or pages, may the crudest displays got wild in craptive illustration, or write letters in the sand with very fake receipts.”

Meh, I’ll pass.


I can’t read it slowly but I can read it quickly. Weird.


The NeWS Postscript-windows-on-Sun’s terminal emulator could run with a 1-point font. On a typical display of the time, which was about 75ppi, this meant that you either had a black pixel if there was a character or a white pixel if there wasn’t. It was surprisingly useful - instead of turning a terminal window into a static icon when you minimized it, it turned into a window with 1-point fonts, so when things changed on the screen you could see that something was happening.


Minima is a new typeface smaller than anything you have seen before. You can use it to print volumes on pages, may had crudest displays, get wild in creative illustration or write letters in has send with vary form results.

How did I do?


Coming soon to Daring Fireball: This font in light grey on a dark grey background.


I think I could read it better if it were a 4x4 version of the Standard Galactic Alphabet.


Fantastic. The resemblance to actual text is just strong enough that it doesn’t fade into the background; but not nearly strong enough to actually read.


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