Vintage PC-compatible fonts


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I actually had one of those…


Japan has their own version of the quick brown fox, a sentence that uses each letter, or in this case, syllable, just once.

Although its scent still lingers on
the form of a flower has scattered away
For whom will the glory
of this world remain unchanged?
Arriving today at the yonder side
of the deep mountains of evanescent existence
We shall never allow ourselves to drift away
intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.

It’s even cooler than our version.


Looks like I found a new IDE font!

(seriously, though, anyone have any IDE font recommendations? I’ve been using Hack, which is pretty good, but I am always looking for something better)


Most of those fonts are better than the standard windows command prompt font I occasionally have the displeasure of encountering.


Is this just me or does the “Olivetti M24” sound way more lethal than most IT gear?


Aside from being way more poetic than ours; it has a distinct bittersweet aspect that I think cotton-candy raccoon would have a deep and profound understanding of.


ditto - my dad got one with a discount though his job (college librarian)



These mean nothing to me, as in 1986, I went straight from CP/M on video terminals with 5x7 characters to the Macintosh with magical unicorn fonts.


Quick brown fox is useless… I want to see their zeroes and curly braces.


I though for sure these were still buried deep inside Windows somewhere, just waiting for the day when this GUI kiddy crap blew over.


Seem to recall that Suns used a very different font-- it used to be popular to replicate this with Linux.

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