The perfect textmode font

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If you like that, this PETSCII editor might be up your alley: Petmate | Petmate - C64 PETSCII editor


Oh man these screenshots are pretty :heart_eyes:



The letters aren’t 6x8, they’re 6x7 with descenders in the lower case letters. I’m looking for a true eight height font for use with a 32x8 pixel display for a clock (some text needed for settings). All the fonts I find are x7 because they’re meant for larger displays that need to separate rows from each other. That poor bottom row of pixels gets no love at all. :frowning:

For non-text applications, this looks great. For plain ole text usage, I still prefer the old Linux console font 8x14thin. I just wish I could convert it to something I could use in Windows. Anyone know of a way to convert it?

I recently found PDFs of each character, so worst case scenario is I can find some font-creation app and draw then in pixel by pixel. Ugh.

I guess it’s OK, but the Commodore 64 supported redefinable fonts, and hacking together just the right set of custom pixels was a key part of any game or app. I even made my own font editor for the purpose. Also made one for the printer. I’ve always had a fascination with pure 1-bit graphics (no color at all).


That’s a tough one. Really a 9h or 10h font that you tough up yourself might do you better than looking for an 8h.
I do have a few font collections that might help you. DOS Font Collection and scroll down the files that end with .f10 and .f08. Maybe something will suit you. My image rendering routine doesn’t add any spaces between rows, so if you scroll through the set and see something that feels very cramped that also might be a good starting point.
Another option is the HexFont I have at raw fonts it’s 8x8 and from some old game (which is why it doesn’t have the full 256 character set)


might be helpful. Might be a virus,


Thank you! I will certainly take a look at those.

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