Ministry of Irony: Orwell estate tries to censor mentions of the number 1984


Actually I can’t think of anything more appropriate than the estate of George Orwell being Orwellian.









Yeah, what’s the switch for ignoring tags and html?


How should I know, all the markup languages valid in BBS are fighting on how to interpret EVERY SINGLE CHAR.

I simply use HTML entities: & is the one for the ampersand.







Hm, can’t select and quote only a picture, at least on chrome mobile




I agree, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

While his books have aged very well, he as a person would be considered somewhat problematical by today’s standards. Judged next to his peers I think he holds up pretty well, but people tend to judge historical figures by contemporary standards.

I actually don’t think it’s very fair, but you can’t really say that it polite company without someone accusing of being some kind of apologist for whatever foibles the subject in question has.


Not to sound too cynical, but I think that, in all probability, every person probably fits the description. I imagine that if you or I wrote a best seller and then died, our families might do the same.

Hopefully not, but there seems to be some evidence in that direction.


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