Ministry of Irony: Orwell estate tries to censor mentions of the number 1984


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Money, everybody needs the money, no matter how absurd the means.


Reckon keeping the book in the headlines will only result in them selling more copies.



It’s like raaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day…


Well now I guess he’ll sell a few of these shirts. Also, he should change it to “Orwell Estate made 1984 a reality”


For the Nth time, the actual heirs are probably not involved - they may not even know about this. The lawyers are on autopilot, and probably offer subscription billing.


Not to mention that Orwell uses the 1984 date as a reference to an earlier future-predicting novel, G. K. Chesterton’s “The Napoleon of Notting Hill”, which was published in 1904 and set in 1984.


Is that true? I didn’t know that.

The Napoleon of Notting Hill is a great book. You can read it and it totally make sense, be it 1904, 1984, or 2004. Seriously, 100 years later and it still reads fresh.


Well, hopefully they’ve Streisanded the fuck out of his Tshirt sales. Not that the lawyers will learn anything from the whole farrago, but hey.


“Lawyer on autopilot” is one of the most scary phrases I’ve heard. Besides “autonomous killing machine” of course.


Does every author, orator, and artist of note have a bunch of family members and/or other interested parties who are a bunch of shameless, insufferably greedy assholes who think it’s their god-given right to ride the coattails of a dead man for fun and profit; or just a lot of them?


Not exacty new.

The Orwell Estate sent a cease-and-desist letter and the spot was never aired again.


I am confident there is a difference, though I could not describe it.


It is a great book. There’s even some pretty good evidence that Chesterton’s faintly surreal novels were an influence on Borges, and my pet theory is that they contributed to the development of Magical Realism as a genre. He’s definitely a writer that deserves to be read more than he is.


Post can’t be empty.


Fun fact 1: George Orwell’s headstone is magnetic.
Fun fact 2: George Orwell’s body is wrapped in wire.
Fun fact 3: George Orwell’s estate actually sells electric power.


Apparently missed: a string of digits cannot attract trademark protection. If I recall correctly, losing a court case on this point with respect to the 486 was what motivated Intel to switch to the P5 and Pentium names (I can’t quickly find a reference).


Yup. One of the biggest sections in the index of Borges’ Selected Non-Fictions, never travel the globe without it, is dedicated to Chesterton.


I just downloaded it to read, based on these comments (link: Thanks!