Minor league baseball team majorly screws up 'Millennial Night' promo

Ok now you’re getting too all-up-in-my-business, buddy. Whatever might happen between me and consenting avocados is none of your concern.


Trust me, I’m well aware that avocado jokes were a thing for a long time. What’s changed, at least in the social circles I frequent, is that the “just buy less avocado toast and you could buy a house” article weaponized the “oh those millennials and their avocados” meme into Yet Another Justification for why millennials are to blame for their own financial misfortunes. The outrage has nothing to do with the avocados themselves. You can make avocado jokes (though I genuinely wish you wouldn’t). Contextually, though, putting avocados into a collection of other stupid and thoughtlessly cruel generational stereotypes about millennials being lazy entitled brats is choosing to further exploit that weaponization.

Yes, young people are less adept at making sound financial decisions all the time. But that’s a lazy stereotype that’s being used to paper over and ignore the very real problems that millennials are facing in life as a direct result of actions taken by their elders.

(And maybe we like to yell at boomers because there seem to be fewer than 12 people in Congress who weren’t alive when the freaking steam engine was invented. Old people jokes!)


So we’re over Tide Pods now?

makes imaginary notes in invisible notebook


On the contrary, many Boomers used to blame Gen X and cast the same aspersions on us; we’re “lazy,” we’re “entitled,” we have “no direction,” everything wrong with the world is somehow “our fault.”

My question to those kinds of Boomers has always been this; Who raised this generation that disappoints you so very much?

Oh right, it was you self-absorbed and unsustainable fuckers that raised Gen X…


I’m sure they’ll see the humor in it when they learn that every night is boomer night at the nursing home; and attending baseball games is notably optional.


It certainly couldn’t have been their fault. It’s probably all the video games.


Oh yeah, I know that for sure. The Boomers are such a huge cohort they got to make fun of 2 or 3 generations that followed them.

But when they made fun of Gen X, I either ignored it and/or looked around and said “yeah… I guess I do know a lot of people like that” and laughed it off. Coming from a cohort that somehow contained both the Hippies and the Yuppies, it was hard to take too seriously.


I hated that artificial ‘generational divide’ shit when I was growing up, and I hate it even more now.

You have to actually invest in the future if you want it to be a good one, fuckin’ DUH.

Play me out, Crosby, Stills & Nash:


GenXer - and I like free stuff and naps… I just can’t really take naps anymore…

Also you are officially old when you start bitching about the younger generation. (I’ll be forever young!!!)


As a Gen-Xer myself, I’d like to reply to your comment about disaffected slacking. But… you know. What difference would that make?


I know. I used to be swingin’ on the flippity-flop all the time, now I’m bound-and-hagged. It’s a harsh realm.


I’m envisioning some beleagured marketoon staring at a blank whiteboard at 3 AM. “Okay, selfie stations are a thing, we can get selfie stations – oh, but who takes selfies?”

Perhaps they can salvage something with “Horrible Marketing Ideas Night”, featuring free markers and extra-strong coffee.

Olgaf did a SFW comic about that one…


It’s almost a super power.

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Horrible marketing? I bet they’ve never had an event get this much press before.


Whatever, man. You gonna pass that or bogart it?


I don’t follow baseball anymore, but I can still say this with complete sincerity: I love how boring baseball is.

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We Gen Xers know how dumb it is to pretend everyone born during a two decade period share the same set of characteristics!

. . . wait


I initially presumed the outrage was over the napping stations.


The only good use of avocado is as fresh guacamole. I am a millenial and I dont eat avocado toast. Would someone please explain the appeal?

Also, yeah- I bust my ass, and just replaced a 30+ year veteran tool and die machinist who retired at 77. I am not fucking lazy, I make jack compared to my parents at this age, my job is incredibly complex, and this ad pisses me off, along with every moron who bitches about “my” generation being the lazy one, while theirs usually created the economic collapse that ruined my future and housing market.


Yeah, and Trump’s in the news a lot, too, but being a troll isn’t exactly helpful. Being a dick to your target audience is a great way to get news coverage in the short term and a terrible reputation forever.