The evolution of the "baseball game equality" meme


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The kids can’t afford tickets to the game, so they stack a bunch of boxes to peek over the fence?


@beschizza: The quote at the bottom is getting cut off in the middle of a word.


It’s not even a matter of not being able to afford tickets. It’s more of simply watching a live baseball game and avoiding the experience of being stuck in a stadium with a bunch of drunken morons, having to wait in long lines just to go to the bathroom, and having to pay captive audience prices for barely edible foodlike substance if you want food. I used to watch MLB games from my rooftop, and never had any reason to pay for tickets.

BTW there are crazy laws out there about the possession of milk crates, so what they’re doing is probably illegal as hell.


Yeah, that’s kind of a distracting part of that metaphor. Is the problem that tickets are too expensive? The fruit tree example makes more sense, personally.


“THIS IS FUCKING STUPID” should actually apply to the picture below that one. There are three boxes, and the little kid needs two, the regular kid needs one, and the 7-footer on the left needs zero. Why should they have to get more boxes just so things can be fair and equal at the same time?

It’s the same logic behind “oh, well, if I make exceptions for this one person, I’ll have to make exceptions for everyone”


Seems like the stadium security force would have a field day getting rid of those folks who were trying to see the game for free.


Because that’s how capitalism works. Sell as many boxes as possible, even if your customers don’t need them all.


There is also this version:


“We’re going to do a wall; we’re going to have a big, fat beautiful door on the wall; we’re going to have people come in, but they’re going to come in legally” - Donald Trump


Whatever happened to knotholes?


When they built the Columbus Clipper’s new stadium they specifically built knot holes into the fencing to allow “sneak peaks” into the stadium and onto the field. :slight_smile:


OH yes, “Old Glory Fence”, as we used to call her. The real fun to be had was on nights there were no games. Many a night wasted and 2 bits spent for some light night fun.


Why cant we just cooperate?


Seems to me the conservative solution would be to make the fence smaller or remove it entirely.





If this meme was realistic, it should probably end up with the tall guy having 3 boxes and sitting, the middle guy having one, and the little guy still has nothing.


Equality obsession leads to white history month.


Love this illustration!

I wonder if somebody can twist it into a tool for introducing comfortable straight white males to the concept of privilege.

It’s dammed hard to get your head around at first, and creates a lot of defensive feelings (privileged first world problems, I know) and even hostility.

A nice clear illustration might really improve the world…


Yeah, well, there’s this version, which I think says it all…

But sure, the tall guy shoulda been sitting, too!