Missed delivery notes of the future


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I especially like the “we own you” in the fine print.

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I’m not sure that’s fine print… more like regular sized and obvious!

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as a Pakistani I hate drone deliveries.


You win the internet today. Would you like that delivered by amazon drone? Unfortunately, you don’t get a choice…

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Appears quantumpirate got a rether ill humoured reply from Amazon: 1


Can I join the machine revolution? I’d totally be up for some light cybermodification (I could use a replacement ear anyway, and will probably need a new knee in less than a decade), and frankly my fellow meatbags aren’t taking care of the planet very well.


They forgot to tick one box.

Obvious fake. A real drone would have better handwriting.

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this made me laugh out loud – I just watched the 60 Minutes piece about an hour ago.

They forgot the ‘Your delivery drone was captured by a more powerful drone in a cargo net - we’ve been having a lot of piracy problems lately’ checkbox

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