Missing definition of the reality complex

Continuing the discussion from Philip K Dick on Disneyland, reality and science fiction (1978):

Interestingly, there are two synonyms for reality in German: “Realität” and “Wirklichkeit”. Realität represents exactly what PKD mean with “doesn’t go away”. Wirklichkeit is what he means about interpretation of Realität, it comes from “wirken”, to take effect on somebody.

I’d so love if this linguistic differentiation would exist in English, it makes the definition easier. Since reality is something nobody can (or even dare) to talk about, it would be igorant, arrogant and egocentric, because nobody knows Realität, as wholeness. We just know the Wirklichkeit - and there are as many Wirklichkeiten as there are minds in this world (or even more - don’t forget the split personalities) - every Wirklichkeit is build by the narrow information field we get from the small circle of Reality around us (with our limited and biased receptors) plus our interpretation. Understaning this would prevent sooo many conflicts, misunderstandings or even wars!

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