Video: Philip K. Dick on our simulated reality (1977)


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I’m going to create a genre of fiction in which the 70s is more advanced than we remember. I’m calling it Acocadopunk

Anyone who has read his later works or the The Exegesis of Philip K Dick knows PKD ain’t playing.


Computer, end program!

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Actually, our reality is Atomic. Very Atomic.

Did the simulated Philip K. Dick ever turn up?

Edit: never found it, but they did rebuild it:

The new v2.0 PKD head is a lot better than the original, and has some amazingly realistic expressions. In fact, this simulacrum manages to hop over the uncanny valley entirely: I could totally imagine hanging with this Dick head, dropping some Substance D and chewing the (Horselover) fat.

They really need to recreate the simulated reality video using the android PKD.

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Horselover Fat is a helluva drug!

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Hehe. Like a Hemingway head.

God almighty I must find the rest!

The full video of PKD’s speech is languishing somewhere in the French National TV Archives:(

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In hindsight, Keanu Reeves did bring quite a lot to the role.

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