We are living in a failing simulation

how else can anyone explain something like this happening?

i mean really, what does it say about the nature of our reality that something like this actually happened?


I read the whole thing.

It gave me a headache and I can only hope there’s no permanent damage.


seriously, if they had brought in melania, ivanka, and tiffany and included some nudity then kelly and ayers could have shouted “the aristocrats!” at the end when nuzzi was leaving. seriously.

i’m fairly well-versed on the execrable charade that passes for leadership at the white house these days and i know how completely absurd it can be but when reality starts looking and sounding like a samuel beckett play that’s been revised by larry david i have to start questioning whether the network running the current iteration of our reality has either started having spontaneous system failures or someone has inserted a virus into it.

the whole thing was completely bonkers, absolutely batshit crazy.


Descarte’s Demon was bound to go too far eventually…

10 PRINT "This is fine."
20 GOTO 10

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