Mixed-reality demo displays C-3PO and R2-D2 in any room


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Neat. Another thing to stare creepily at us while we have sex.*

  • (No, Brenda, it doesn’t need to be with us all the time. Five minutes in the hall won’t kill it. No, the dog watching us while we do it is not cute. Look, I’m going to put it outside. I’ll be right ba…what to you mean you aren’t in the mood anymore? I am not mean! I am not the reason the cat left, Brenda! How am I the bad guy in this? No, I’m not saying it’s your fault. Fine, I’ll sleep on the couch. Oh, now you want the dog to come with me!)


Paging Gibson…
“The projection unit shut itself down at his command; the dreamgirls vanished. The thing had originally belonged to Ling Warren’s older brother; the girls’ hair and clothes were dated and vaguely ridiculous. You could talk with them and get them to do things with htemselves and each other. Bobby remembered being thirteen and in love with Brandi, the one with the blue rubber pants. Now he valued the projections mainly for the illusion of space they could provide in the makeshift bedroom.”


Nope, not buying it.

Isn’t Magic Leap just VR goggles built around a smart phone? So how did they shoot this video with “no special effects?”


Magic Leap is a company who have managed to get over $1 billion dollars worth of funding while keeping their product secret to the general public.

I’m going to guess that it’s more high-end that just using a smartphone, as it’s been described by some as reflecting light directly into the eyes. However, at this point no one really knows for sure.


That makes me even more skeptical.


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