Mobile ad technique allows stalkers to follow you around a city for less than $1000

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At what demographic do you raise that to say $5k?

Jeeze. Talk about an evil MAID attack…

(Incidentally, can we agree that whoever first implemented the idea of making the ‘advertising ID’ an OS-provided feature be be sentenced to full strength commercial surveillance, results available for the amusement of the public, for the rest of their life?)


See? When the demand for a service is great enough, the good old Invisible Hand will find a way to bring the price way down!


I got to the point where it said “So the target would have to have a certain app open on his/her phone, so that the ad would be displayed…” and like that, my alert level dropped down into the noise. What the headline screams, the body text snuffs out.

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Won’t make following me around any more interesting tho

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