Mobile app for detecting opioid overdose

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I guess you really can find the Joker with a cell phone.

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So I guess this means that cell phone companies can do rudimentary ultrasounds of you at any time without your consent? That’s going to end up being fantastic!


How’s it fare with sleep apnea?

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Don’t worry. I can’t imagine Google would abuse that at all.

Or Facebook. :rofl:

No way facebook would sell access to your phone’s ultrasonic sonar to a medical insurance company so they can determine whether you are pregnant before they sell you insurance uh… to… uh… target advertising, that’s it!

(And in case I’m sounding fanciful here, I’m trying not to stretch what this will be able to detect too much, but if it can detect whether you are breathing with sonar, detecting pregnancy isn’t too far out of range, I don’t think)

(Actually I sell health insurance for a living, and they can just look at your medical records. Hacking all the phones would be way too expensive. And then the ACA ruined even that grift.)


Yeah, I raised it because the ACA ruined that grift. If they can detect a “pre-existing condition” in a way that wouldn’t allow people to know they were doing so, then they could potentially discriminate without there being a traceable way to discriminate. Sort of like denying job applicants because their name sounds black without seeing their skin colour.

And the cost might be prohibitive, but not if it’s already built into everyone’s non-deletable facebook app and they’ll sell you the info for ten cents.

Plus I think it personally suits me to be unrealistically dystopian so that when things go well I can say, “well good” and when they go badly I can say, “Look at this amazing prediction!”


I like this outlook more than I should.

This Timeline is broken, even if it isn’t The Worst one…

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Not just that, but what about SIDS?

Workable or not, you better patent it right now, because millions of people will pay any price for it.

Already exists. Look up “baby monitor heartrate breathing” on Google. They cost less than a high end smart phone.

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