Mobile game of the week: Little Inferno

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I played that game a while ago, and was really impressed with it. What surprised me was the ending. I was expecting a light fluffy game where you just burn stuff and was hit with some philosophy and a good story…

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These are the folks who made a huge splash on the Indie game scene when they released the amazing and amazingly fun World of Goo. Great great great game. You build structures out of differently physics-ed blobs of goo. Weird story, quirky humor, unusual style. Just try it. Often on sale, made for Mac, PC, tabs n phones too (tho phones mb a bit small of the screen, eh?) It’s been in my doc longer than any other game (Bioshock 1&2 appear and disappear over time)

I’m not sure either of these two follow up games are smash hits as World of Goo. I would be a kickstartin supporter of WoG 2 (as well as System Shock III, errr I mean Bioshock 4evar! Innnnn Spaaaaace!)

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Little Inferno was originally released on the Wii U, but is now available on PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Technically this is a true statement – but the PC release was literally one day after the US release for Wii U, back in November 2012. And it’s been released for all these platforms since December 2013.

Anyway, it’s a fun, weird, unsettling little game.

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It’s worth noting that World of Goo had a similarly anti-capitalist bent to it that was quite enjoyable and involved more physics puzzlin’.

These dudes make some nice games, though.

Played that through on iPad. Agreed, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

Mostly posting this comment to give a WARNING (and possible spoiler): Be sure play through the ending all you want in one session (you’ll know when you get to the ending- dramatic departure from regular play). You will NOT be allowed to go back and look things over later, or even load from an old save and run it again. There’s a cute in-narrative reason, but I was frustrated nonetheless.

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