Mobile game of the week: Sleep Furiously

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This sounds like it’s exactly up my alley. Unfortunately, I’m too cheap to be the first to dive in, even at just $2.99. So I’ll just lurk here for a couple of days, waiting for some brief first-person reviews…

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That’s what I’m here hoping for :smiley:

I bit.

At first I didn’t notice that you need to link adjoining words, but it seems like fun so far.

That $2.99 was just burning a hole in my pocket, so I took the dive. Overall I would rate it only 3 or 4 stars; I find the selection of words somewhat limiting. Deconstructing grammar was never my strong suit, so I can’t put my finger on the parts of speech that are missing, but it seems like the words offered fit into narrow categories.

I wish it would retain my sentences (and their scores) for perusal after the game.

The board could be larger and better connected. As it is, each word can only link “outbound” to four other words. If the words were displayed in a honeycomb, there would be six choices. Or little octagons would make eight (except they would not tessellate!). The additional complexity would make the game far deeper and more complex.

Of course, some kind of play-against-someone mode would be welcome, too.

I’m sure that I’ve tried valid sentences that it rejects, and I also constructed invalid sentences that it accepted. This may be partly because it displays a word thinking it can only be a verb (for example), but I’m trying to use it as a noun (e.g., dreams/dreams). I also think it does not check for agreement between noun and verb (it was something like “The players explores” that it accepted, though I can’t recreate that now).

Yeah, language is tough. I applaud the effort, and while I’ll spend/waste more time playing this game, I eagerly await a more sophisticated offering in the same vein.

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Agreed that it sometimes fails to acknowledge the flexibility of English :frowning:

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