Mobile recharging station operators in India sell tens of thousands of women's phone numbers to stalkers


I carry a bunch of $3 charge banks. I think they were cheap because the later iPhones were too picky for them, but glad day for me!


The romantic in me is thinking this would be a great valentine’s gift for Mrs. Shmello.


@shmello Practical, genually helpful and even protective. My kind of logic entirely! On the other hand I am currently ‘without amour’. I’m not saying there’s a link… Let’s just say you appear to have excellent taste, and I congratulate you unreservedly. :slight_smile:

@RickMycroft Apple users’ losses are definitely your gain. Nicely done, sir.

[Edited to add: I really must stop watching ‘The Pretenders’ while editting comments - Roger Moore’s style definitely rubs off on my speech.]


I don’t think you allow for the levels of stupidly evil and evilly stupid despair that a certain sort of loneliness can engender. Especially in a traditional society that subjects every single one of its members to a sustained memetic blast explaining that you can be pair-bonded or utterly worthless.

Yes, it is absolutely unquestionably harassment but to a sufficiently deranged mind cold-calling someone and going “Let’s be Special Friends!” might seem like it just might work.


If your theory is true, the correct way to address the problem of sexual harassment would be to address that memetic blast. Just a thought.


Sounds good to me. It would reduce the amount of misery in the world considerably.

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